PyMix: The Python mixture package

The Python Mixture Package (PyMix) is a freely available Python library implementing algorithms and data structures for a wide variety of data mining applications with basic and extended mixture models.


  • Finite mixture models of discrete and continuous features
  • Wide range of available distributions (Normal, Exponential, Discrete, Dirichlet, Normal-Gamma, Uniform, HMM)
  • Bayesian mixture models
  • ML and MAP parameter estimation
  • Context-specific independence structure learning
  • Partially supervised parameter learning
  • Parameter estimation for pairwise constrained samples

For more downloading the most recent version, documentation and the Pymix mailing list refer to the Pymix home page.

For further information see the main website at or contact Benjamin Georgi ( This software is a result of or used in the following projects: ComplexDiseases, CSIMixtures.


Members: Benjamin Georgi, Benjamin Georgi.


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