ComplexDiseases: Analysis of complex disease data

Finding the genetic causes of complex diseases such as Autism and ADHD is complicated by ambiguities and subjectivities in the diagnostic process and the simultaneous involvement of multiple genes and environmental factors. We investigate the application of mixture model based clustering on fused geno- and phenotype data. This joint analysis might yield further insight into the complex interactions between geno- and phenotypes which underlie a specific disease pattern.

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Members: Benjamin Georgi, Alexander Schliep, Benjamin Georgi. Collaborators: Pamela Flodman (UC Irvine, Human Genetics), M. Anne Spence (UC Irvine, Human Genetics), Maja Bucan (Department of Genetics, University of Pennsylvania).


Georgi et al.. Mixture model based group inference in fused genotype and phenotype data. In Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization, Springer, 2007.

Georgi. Mixture Modeling and Group Inference in Fused Genotype and Phenotype Data. Master's Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin, 2005.