GQL: Graphical Query Language

GQL is a suite of tools for analyizing time-course experiments. Currently, it is adapted to gene expression data. The two main tools are GQLQuery, for querying data sets, and GQLCluster, which provides a way for computing groupings based on a number of methods (model-based clustering using HMMs as cluster models and estimation of a mixture of HMMs).

GQLQuery: Querying time-courses

The GUI has been ported to Python using Tkinter and the brand-new Python bindings for GHMM. It runs on all Linux/Unix boxes. Executable binaries for MAC and Windows are provided.

GQLCluster: Finding groups in time-courses

For further information see the main website at or contact Ivan G Costa ( This software is a result of or used in the following projects: GenExpTimecourses, GHMM, pGQL.


Members: Ivan G Costa, Alexander Schliep, Ivan G Costa, Ruben B. Schilling. Collaborators: Alexander Schönhuth (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica).


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