MouseAtlas: Recognition, analysis and visualization of gene expression patterns in optical tomograms (OPT) of embryonal mice

We work in collaboration with Ralf Spörle from the Department of Developmental Genetics, Christian Hege, head of the Visualization Department at the Konrad-Zuse Zentrum (ZIB) and Bernd Fischer, Professor at the University of Lübeck, on the construction of an atlas of gene expression patterns in embryonal mice. The central piece is the construction of a non-linear registration, that maps numerous in-situ tomograms onto an annotated standard model. This mapping yields then an automatical anatomical annotation of high-resolution 3D spatial expression patterns as well as the fusion of all patterns into one standard model. The mapped expression patterns can then be viewed and analyzed together within the standard model. Analysis of the data involves statistical group testing for functional territories.

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Members: Ruben B. Schilling, Alexander Schliep. Collaborators: Ralf Spörle (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Department Developmental Genetics).