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Lennart Opitz

M.Sc. Student

Diplom Bioinformatics 2006, MLU Halle<br> (jointly with Stefan Posch, Halle) <br> Now a Researcher and Ph.D. student at the<br> Zentrum für Statistik, Universität Göttingen<br>

Recent publications

L. Opitz, A. Schliep and S. Posch Analysis of fused in-situ hybridization and gene expression data. In Advances in Data Analysis, Springer, 577–584, 2007. Proceedings of the GfKl 2006.

I.G. Costa, R. Krause, L. Optiz and A. Schliep Semi-supervised learning for the identification of syn-expressed genes from fused microarray and in situ image data. BMC Bioinformatics 2007, 8, S3.

L. Opitz Analyse von Bildern der mRNA-in Situ-Hybridisierung. Master's Thesis, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle, 2006.