A tool for querying and clustering Gene Expression in the course of development

(c) 2006-2008 Ivan G. Costa (c) 2006-2008 Christoph Hafemeister

Mixture of Dependence Trees (MIxDTress) is a suite of tools for analyzing Gene Expression in the course of development. We make available a preliminary version implemented in matlab using the Bayes Net Toolbox and MatArray Matarray Integration with GQL is planned in the near future. The suite is made of three tools: DTreeQuery, for querying gene expression profiles with a tree model; MixDTrees, for obtaining groups of development courses undergoing similar expression patterns; and MixDTreesReport for creating automatically html content with group plots, GO enrichment and microRNA enrichment analyses.


MixDTrees is freely available under the GPL. The first public release of MixDTrees is available in source for Matlab and binaries for Windows.

Note that downloading and using MixDTrees implies acceptance of the GPL. MixDTrees is not freeware, nor public domain and the copyright will be enforced. As the GPL has strong consequences for any work derived from Mixture of Trees, commercial entities can inquire about non-exclusive licenses.

If you use MixDTrees in your research, please do cite this website and our publications.


DTreeQuery Screenshot

MixDTrees Screenshot